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Simply sign up, tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch. There’s a limited number of product testers needed, but there’s opportunities in most locations, Australia wide. Testers from a broad range of backgrounds are welcome.

food & beverage products

Everything from groceries, pre-prepared home-delivered meals, meat & seafood to pastries, cakes, desserts, frozen foods, coffee & tea, beer, wine and more.

Non-food consumer products from household goods, health & beauty products, and pet supplies, to products for babies & mums, car-care, the garden, pest control and much, much more.

Imagine receiving free electrical goods, homewares, bedding, furniture, appliances, kitchenware and more, just for sharing your opinions.

Just a small selection of consumer packaged products our testers can expect to receive:
A selection of Non-food & household items that testers may be asked to evaluate:

What types of products will you send me?

You could receive any items included in the lists above and sometimes other products if they are relevant your situation. For instance, we might send you products for babies and mums if you have a young child, building products or tools in you're a tradie. 

what feedback am i expected to provide?

Brands want your honest appraisal of their products. They want to know what you like and if there's anything that could be improved. They're not just looking for a five star review. It's important that your feedback includes how you used the products and how they performed, where these is relevant. We generally include a simple checklist for testers to complete online with each product.

Are the products totally free?

Yes! You'll never be asked to pay for any of the products we send you to evaluate. 

Do I Have to pay for delivery?

No, all items are delivered free of charge to your location, and whenever possible, at a time that's convenient to you. If you're not available to accept the delivery it will be left as per your instructions, or made available to collect from a nearby distribution centre.

What if the item I receive is broken or damaged

Simply let us know. If possible, take some photos of the damage and provide any other information about the item or delivery that you think is relevant. This may also help the manufacturer determine if the damage is due to inadequate or inappropriate packaging.

How can I earn some extra money from becoming a tester?

Most manufacturers, or the online platforms they sell on, offer our testers the opportunity to earn extra income when they help others learn about these products or help their audience find the best products for their needs. This includes providing honest and accurate reviews on the ecommerce site, review sites, and social media including on local community pages, if allowed. Testers can even replace their full-time income working from home and at times that suit their lifestyle, testing reviewing products without having to "sell" anything or spend your hard earned money buying starter kits or products to on-sell.

How will you know what products I need, what size I am etc..?

When you sign up we'll ask you a few questions about yourself and your immediate family (where applicable). Each time you are offered a product to test, you'll have the opportunity to request the size, colour or type of product that best suits your needs. In most cases you will be sent a promotional code to order it at no charge from an ecommerce website so that you undergo a full customer experience and review the entire process for the manufacturer or brand. We want you to have the best experience possible by making the products you receive the most relevant to you. This also helps our brands by ensuring they send you the products that you can actually use and need, so your evaluation and feedback is also relevant for them.

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