Turn Your Menu Items Into a revenue Machine

Food Branding Program

Add 5 or 6 Figures a Month to Your Revenue

Do you have products or menu items that your customers love? If you do, then it’s possible to add 5 or 6 figures a month to your revenue by simply making these products in your own kitchen, using the ingredients and equipment you already have, for retail, wholesale & online sales.

Packaging Design That Stops Customers is Their Tracks

Creative designs that grab attention, improve your engagement with your audiences, increase your sales and help you solve your creative problems.

We’ll also help you with our pay only on success Done4U Conversational Marketing solutions and technology that streamlines all your admin, payments, sales, deliveries and accounting.

Building a brand adds immense value to your business. Imagine having enough presales every month to not only cover all your costs, but to turn a profit before you even open the doors.

Maxiom are the go to experts in branding & conversational marketing for:
We work with foodies from a variety of backgrounds and experience:

What is Inculded in the Program?

We've kept it nice and simple. The full branding package includes logo design, packaging design & sourcing, a professional food photography session, custom website, custom branded app, CRM and Marketing Automation set-up and certain social media pages set-up. You also will receive ongoing support and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, plus have lifetime access to our food brand coaching videos and newsletters.

How Much Time Will I Need to Allocate to this?

Generally, only a few hours of your time is required, spread over 4-6 weeks. Your time is mostly spent on important things like approving branding elements such as logo & packaging designs, collaborating with the food photographer to maximise the presentation of your product(s), approving websites, app designs and marketing strategies. You will also need to set aside about 30 minutes each week for a strategy meeting with our team to go over the progress of your food branding program. After this 4-6 week period, we'll usually schedule an hour long monthly meeting to discuss the performance of your brand, your marketing strategy and to help keep you focused on your desired goals.

What Finance Packages are Available?

There are three payment options available that suit most budgets. 

  1. Full payment up-front (cheapest option)
  2. 6 monthly payments of $1760
  3. 12 monthly payments of $990

All prices include GST. 


How long does it take to complete the Program?

Usually between 4 - 6 weeks. This may vary depending on the packaging solutions selected and the time it takes to source and procure these which can often extend the time to market to around 12 weeks, sometimes longer if the packaging is sourced overseas. We are also assuming that your product is ready to manufacture. If your product requires some tweaking before release, additional time may be required. If you require external assistance to adapt your recipe for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales, or for bulk contract manufacturing, there may also be an additional cost associated with this which is not included in the Food Branding Program price or the timeline mentioned above.   

How many Design Variations are We allowed?

Unlimited variations are allowed! This is subject to fair and reasonable use policy though. Usually our designers will nail the design within the first 1-3 variations, but occasionally it may take more. We think a maximum of 12 variations is reasonable and we've never had anyone reach that to date, but this is a common question given many designers and branding agencies don't allow for variations in their pricing.

What if my Designs Don't See our products Flying out the door?

Slower than anticipated sales can have several causes. If packaging design is one of them, you have the peace of mind to know that your Food Branding Program Subscription covers you for up to 12 months of design work, re-designs or design updates at no additional cost to you.

Can I add more products or do I have to buy another program?

You can add up to six products in the first 12 months without incurring additional cost. If you wish to release more than 6 products in your first year with us, please feel free to discuss this with our support team and we'll create a custom Program membership that suits your individual needs. After you have completed the first year's Food Branding Program membership, we have ongoing monthly-based subscriptions that you can access to support your ongoing Food Branding and marketing. 

Does the Food Branding Program include the manufacture & printing of my food packaging?

No, your food packaging purchases are an additional cost just like your food ingredients would be. 

Are there any other costs not included in the Food Branding Program that I'll need to pay for separately?

Yes, there usually are. This can vary between products and selected distribution channels, but some common ones are things like GS1 membership for barcodes, outer packaging and palletizing solutions, additional production/cooking or packaging equipment, or outsourced contract manufacturing and packaging services, pick/pack & storage services, online DTC platform service fees and other charges, freight, food labelling and HCCAP. Of course, this list is no where near comprehensive, but it should give you a starting point for working out if DTC sales and distribution will work for your business. If you're unsure at all about this, just book a free consultation with us and we'll work through the numbers with you to help you decide if our Program will work for you.

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