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How Coaches & Consultants Get More Clients With Learning Apps

The growth of mobile apps has been so meteoric in recent years that it’s worth taking a step back and taking a broad view of both the diversity and range of functionality – from advanced augmented reality maps to mobile document centres –  as well as the narrower concept of whether or not these apps can add value to whatever it is that you’re doing.

The point here is that the advantages of mobile apps to coaches and consultants are not always underscored by the most functional high-tech apps. Virtually every business has some kind of workflow that can be revolutionised or simply improved or made more efficient through the introduction of a mobile application. the key is identifying this area – it’s not always as obvious as it seems!

Every business has a potential value-add

We’ve developed hundreds of apps since the release of the iPhone and iPad. Most are centered around some sort of document centre, and in spite of the rather innocuous name, the range of potential applications here is enormous. Those documents could be digital brochures, for example, enabling coaches and consultants to offer reference material to prospective customers on mobile devices in a way that can be downloaded and viewed offline. Alternatively, it could refer to a massive repository of technical documentation and datasheets, interactive & conversational training manuals or course delivery materials.

As a result, we’ve built up a range of ancillary features and functionality around this. Little things here and there like enabling specific registered user groups to access particular kinds of content that only they can see (or not see), or the ability to share various pages which get compiled as a mini-PDF.

These sorts of features, on the face of it, wouldn’t lead to a huge productivity boost. But in our experience, the most value is added through these sorts of incremental improvements to existing workflows, and every business, from a sole proprietorship to a large multi-national, has these sorts of processes: managing documentation, distributing and disseminating marketing materials, communicating with customers, stakeholders and prospects along already established channels, and more.

Apps as ways to improve existing processes

It’s primarily in the field of communication (an admittedly broad term) where workforces are being made more productive by apps. 

Apps that contain the tools you need to compete with a 50 person marketing team have been built into our Coaching Apps. With a powerful CRM, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing features, reaching new coaching prospects had never been easier. Streamlining the flow of new customers from acquisition to onboarding and course delivery can all be built into these Apps.

Create, manage, and deliver training courses to small or large audiences.

These courses and other content can be instantly sent to clients and their teams – wherever they are located and made available on any device or operating system. The Maxiom Learning Solution suits any size coaching business or consulting firm and provides guided learning on your own branded learning centre that contains all your content in one App.

These Apps also have the power, control, and security you need no matter the type or size of your coaching or consulting business. With unlimited publishing capabilities, push notifications and other essential features they can be scaled to suit your individual coaching or consulting needs.


Content can be localized for up to 16 languages, across the user interface, system notifications and system data. Coaches can translate and deliver their courses in the language of their customers, ensuring more accurate information transfer and a better, more interactive and personalised experience for their clients.

Apps improve brand exposure

As anyone employed in a serious, KPI-driven marketing field knows, “brand exposure” is a vague term and often simply acts as an excuse for why say, ROI wasn’t delivered on a particular project or campaign. In this case however, it is meaningful. App store discoverability, is still an important piece of a brand’s overall exposure to the marketplace. Having your coaching or consulting firm’s app sitting in a client facing way on the app store, regardless of the role, acts as a sort of signpost of dependability – especially for smaller firms and less recognised coaches or those new to the field. It says you are literally invested in the mobile future, and to some extent, that you can afford to be trusted.

Apps also sit on the clients device, so they see your brand every time they look at their device. They also give you a way to communicate through push notifications, for instance when a new course, materials or service becomes available and are a useful and highly efficient and very low cost way of increasing revenue in this regard.

Apps as a way of delivering copy

We’ve already talked about apps as channels for communicating with all sorts of stakeholders. One aspect of this that is somewhat under sung in the tech press, given how intimately mobile devices are tied up with the growth in multimedia streaming, is the way in which mobile devices encourage users to read text, both shortform and longform. Smartphones and especially tablets are ideally suited as e-reading devices given their form-factor and touchscreen functionality and the fact that copy has become more readable as a result of this has seemingly come along incidentally. But it’s something to exploit if you have significant amounts of client-facing literature. Reading responsive text on a smartphone or tablet is simply more pleasant than doing it on a desktop or laptop.

So no matter what you have to say or the materials you want to publish, your have a way to ensure it grabs your clients attention. With built in interactive functionality such as built-in live chat, video call and a messaging system content becomes conversational and delivers a client focused learning and advisory experience.

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